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This Challenge starts back up in 2022!

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Spring is in the Air!!!!


     The 'Clean 15 Challenge' is a wellness challenge that I created for people who are seeking lifestyle changes both nutritionally and physically! The 'Clean 15' is referring to the fruits and vegetables that are lowest in pesticides and contamination according to the Environmental Working Group.


By participating in this challenge, you'll receive the following:

  • Downloadable Grocery list for full 15-day challenge

  • Access to Live 30 minute workouts with me 4x/week

  • 2 pre-recorded 15 minute workouts a week

  • Recipes and suggested meal plan to implement into your 15-day challenge!

The Clean 15 Challenge Sign Up Form

Registration fee is $50.00

Download Grocery List


The Clean 15 Challenge 

What's a Challenge without a little competition? 

Document your progress from Day 1 to Day 15 and a cash prize will be received! More details to follow!

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