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N.A.F 30-Day challenge!


This challenge starts back up in 2022 , stay tuned!

Fireworks Shows

Happy New Year, Fit Family!!!!! Now more than ever, we need to level up in our physical and mental health! What better way to do this than to kick off the new year with our 30-day fitness challenge!

This challenge includes :

  • 2 -50 minute workouts/day 

  • Meal Plan 

  • Grocery List 

  • Plant Protein or muscle recovery!

  • Accountability Group and page to keep us on task 

  • Tools to track your progress 

  • Daily Live-streamed workouts with on demand access 24/7

what you'll need

  • Mat or towel for floor exercises 

  • Dumbbells 

  • Resistance bands 

  • Everything you have! (If you have no equipment, water bottles, cans , etc are necessary-let's improvise and make it happen!

30-DAY challenge registration


Sign up is $99

Thanks for your order!

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